Asian Recipes

Vegan Kimbap Bowl (Korean “Sushi” Rice Bowl)

Kimbap or Gimbap is a very popular Korean rice roll dish which consists of rice, some fillings and wrapped in seaweed. The word “kimbap” or “gimbap” literally means “seaweed rice”. We are pretty literal with our words! It could be described as a Korean-style sushi roll, although it is still very different from Japanese sushi. […]

Best Vegan Stirfry & Korean BBQ Sauce Recipe (Bulgogi Sauce)

Stop everything – this sauce deserves your full attention. Bulgogi is a very popular Korean dish which consists of marinated slices of meat which is stir-fried or cooked on a grill. Bulgogi literally means “fire meat” with the “bul” being fire and “gogi” being meat. I grew up eating this stuff – my mom would […]

Easy Miso Sesame Salad Dressing

The most important part of a salad is the dressing… well, maybe not the MOST. But it’s pretty crucial to have a delicious dressing. I’m just so much more likely to actually have a salad or a bunch of veggies if I have a yummy dressing to go with it. This dressing is yummy with […]

Ten Minute Vegan Noodle Recipes!!!

Who doesn’t love noodles?? Seriously though, I don’t think I know anyone out there that doesn’t love noodles. There’s something SOOO satisfying about noodles… I like them in all shapes and sizes… I like pasta, I like rice noodles, I like wheat noodles… any kind of noodles – I am on board. Today, I have […]

Vegan Vietnamese Steamed Buns (Banh Bao) + Pho (Noodle Soup)

As per my previous posts, I recently visited Toronto and did a collab with one of my YouTube buddies, Lisa, from The Viet Vegan. She is Vietnamese-Canadian so I wanted to learn some awesome Viet recipes from her…! I thought it was relevant, since her handle is “the Viet Vegan”.   We filmed 2 videos […]

Must Try Korean Sauces!!! (for Korean BBQ and other uses…)

Do you enjoy eating Korean food and want to replicate some of the delicious flavours at home?? Well, look no further. Today, I’m showing you guys three different Korean sauces that you could make (and store) EASILY at home so you could use them in a variety of different ways. These sauces are extremely versatile […]

Coconut Red Curry Ramen // Fridge Raid Recipes

More often than not, I cook random concoctions out of what I already have in the fridge… isn’t that how we all do it? As much as we’d like to make fancy Pinterest type meals every single day, most of us don’t have that much time or energy to devote into following recipes all the […]

Vegan Dollar Store Haul + Recipes

Okay, I’ll admit. I never really shop at the Dollar Store unless I’m making a Halloween costume or I need cheap decorations for a party. Although I find it rather entertaining to rummage through some of the random things they have at dollar stores. I generally find Canadian dollar stores less than appealing and I […]

Cook With Me: Vegan Carbonara (?) and Tonkatsu

It’s really tough for me to come up with recipes because half the time I just throw things into a bowl/pot/pan and hope for the best. I normally don’t even measure my ingredients because I find it easier to just eye-ball things (unless I’m baking something). So that’s why I am drawn toward doing more […]

DIY Vegan Korean BBQ!

Watch my “how to” video and mukbang (eating show!)  When I first gave up meat, people around me freaked out asking me how I’m able to give up meat when I’m Korean and… well, KOREAN BBQ THO?! Even now when people find out that I’m Korean AND vegan, they tend to always ask how I’m […]