5 Minute Recipes

Easy Vegan Noodle Recipes (Ultra Lazy Vegan Recipes #3)

 NOODLES!! I love noodles. As much as I love rice more than noodles, doesn’t mean that I don’t eat noodles just as frequently if not MORE frequently. One of the main reasons I eat noodles so often (besides the fact that they are super satisfying, comforting and tasty) is that they are so easy […]

Easy Breakfast Ideas for College Students – SAVOURY (Dorm-Friendly)

Today, I’m showing you guys a few different VEGAN BREAKFAST HACKS – super easy and quick recipes you could make in 5 minutes or less…These easy and fast vegan breakfast ideas are all great for college students and are dorm-friendly because they don’t require a stove to make. Watch the recipe video below!!   Healthy […]

Ultra Lazy Vegan Recipes #2

Ultra Lazy Vegan Recipes Collection… this is part 2!  Check out part 1 for more Ultra Lazy Vegan meal ideas….   Today’s post will feature some ridiculously easy (and cheap!) vegan meal ideas. You could make these in 10 minutes or less! See below for all the ideas or watch the video above.    Lazy […]

Super Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas

If you are new to veganism or you are just looking for some new vegan breakfast inspo, then I have a brand new video which has five different easy vegan breakfast ideas. These are super simple and quick but also very delicious!   Here are some photos of the breakfasts!  

Ultra Lazy Vegan Recipes #1

I know that this isn’t new on my channel/blog… Let’s face it, my entire platform is about lazy recipes lol. But I wanted to make it easy for you guys to access the really lazy meal ideas and recipes, so I decided to start somewhat of a series. This will be also accessible in a […]

Easy Miso Sesame Salad Dressing

The most important part of a salad is the dressing… well, maybe not the MOST. But it’s pretty crucial to have a delicious dressing. I’m just so much more likely to actually have a salad or a bunch of veggies if I have a yummy dressing to go with it. This dressing is yummy with […]

Must Try Korean Sauces!!! (for Korean BBQ and other uses…)

Do you enjoy eating Korean food and want to replicate some of the delicious flavours at home?? Well, look no further. Today, I’m showing you guys three different Korean sauces that you could make (and store) EASILY at home so you could use them in a variety of different ways. These sauces are extremely versatile […]

Easiest + Quickest Vegan Cream Sauce (5 MINUTES/5 INGREDIENTS)

This is for those days when you just want to whip up a quick dinner in the shortest time possible with minimal effort. This is the easiest way to make vegan cream sauce, in my opinion. You can, of course, add other ingredients and flavours to switch things up a bit, but using this as […]

Vegan Dollar Store Haul + Recipes

Okay, I’ll admit. I never really shop at the Dollar Store unless I’m making a Halloween costume or I need cheap decorations for a party. Although I find it rather entertaining to rummage through some of the random things they have at dollar stores. I generally find Canadian dollar stores less than appealing and I […]

Easy Vegan Snacks (On the go!)

About a month ago, I did a video on some easy vegan snack ideas. I promised to do a second part so here it is! If you missed the first video, check it out here. Easy Vegan Snacks (Part 1): For the second part, I made 3 different recipes. All of them are SUPER easy, […]