5 Minute Recipes

Cookies and Cream Overnight Oats Recipe

July 11 2023

Cookies and Cream Overnight Oats Recipe

Easy cookie and cream overnight oats! All you have to do is add crushed oreo cookies to my go-to overnight oats recipe with creamy ingredients to get that cookies & cream taste! These overnight oats are filling, nutritious, and a high-protein breakfast. This is one of the easiest breakfasts to make ahead of time and …

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Gochujang Sesame Noodles

June 26 2023

Gochujang Sesame Noodles Recipe

I’ll show you how to make this gochujang sesame noodles recipe in 5 mins using Korean gochujang, noodles, sesame seeds and 3-5 simple ingredients to make a tasty dish! This Korean gochujang noodle recipe combines the rich, spicy kick of gochujang with the nutty aroma of tahini (sesame) and sesame seeds. All you need is …

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2 Minute Noodle Recipes

June 5 2023

2 Minute Noodle Recipes

I’ll show you how to make 2 minute noodle recipes! I’ll show you 3 ways to elevate your instant noodles to create delicious homemade noodle dishes in 2 minutes. Here are the different types of noodle recipes I will share: healthy instant noodles, spicy udon noodles, and miso rice noodles. Recipe for 2 Minute Noodles …

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Seaweed Rice Balls Recipe

May 17 2023

Seaweed Rice Balls Recipe

I’ll show you how to make this seaweed rice balls recipe in 4 mins! A seaweed rice ball is also called seaweed jumeokbap (Korean: 김 주먹밥) where Jumeokbap means “fist rice” referring to tightly packed rice balls that are a popular snack or side dish in Korea! All you need is seaweed, cooked rice, sesame …

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Vegan Vietnamese Pizza

April 19 2023

Vegan Vietnamese Pizza Recipe (Bánh Tráng Nướng)

I’m going to show you how to make my vegan Vietnamese Pizza recipe which only takes about 5-7 mins to cook and show you two tasty versions! Vietnamese Pizza also known as Bánh Tráng Nướng, is a popular Vietnamese street food using grilled rice paper as the “pizza” base. You can customize this rice paper …

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Rice Paper Noodles Recipe

March 21 2023

Rice Paper Noodles

I’ll show you how to make this rice paper noodles recipe in 1 min! All you need is rice paper and oil to make these chewy and sticky noodles! You can use your own sauce to go with these delicious rice paper noodles or you can follow my recipe to make my fave rice paper …

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Tempeh BLT Recipe

February 9 2023

Tempeh BLT Recipe

This recipe for a tempeh BLT is a super quick 6 mins recipe. Perfect for breakfast or whenever you crave a vegan BLT! This vegan tempeh BLT makes 1 sandwich, so just multiply servings for how many you need to make. I love making tempeh bacon in my air fryer, which is what I do …

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Vegan Protein Breakfast Bowl Recipe

February 9 2023

Vegan Protein Breakfast Bowl Recipe

This recipe for a vegan protein breakfast bowl is a super quick 2 mins recipe! This recipe is for 1 vegan breakfast bowl but you can multiply based on how many people you’re making breakfast for! All you need is plain vegan kefir or plant-based yogurt, vegan protein powder, and your choice of fresh fruit, …

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Black Bean Toast Recipe

February 9 2023

Black Bean Toast Recipe

This black bean toast recipe shows you how to make delicious toast with black beans in 3 mins. It’s so simple! To make the best black beans on toast, I suggest making a mixture of cherry tomatoes, red onion slices, lemon or lime juice for the toast and even some avocado slices. Recipe for Black …

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Recipe for Chickpea Egg Salad

February 7 2023

Chickpea Egg Salad Recipe

Looking for a chickpea egg salad recipe to make vegan egg salad? Using chickpeas, I made a cheap & easy recipe to make homemade vegan egg salad in 2 mins using 6-7 ingredients to get that “eggy” taste and texture! You can use this chickpea egg salad on sandwiches, wraps or anything you like! If …

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