5 Ingredient Recipes

Japanese Pumpkin Salad

November 12 2022

Japanese Pumpkin Salad Recipe

This Japanese pumpkin salad is a popular side dish using Japanese pumpkin or kabocha squash (also known as Kent Pumpkin or Danhobak 단호박). This sweet pumpkin goes by many names but in the end, provides a natural sweetness that’s delicious! If you only have butternut squash, feel free to use it instead! I’m going to …

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Korean Pumpkin Porridge

November 12 2022

Korean Pumpkin Porridge (Hobakjuk 호박죽)

This Korean pumpkin porridge, also known as Hobakjuk (호박죽), is a popular Korean porridge made with pumpkin which can be eaten hot or cold! I’m going to show you how to make my Korean-style pumpkin porridge recipe which only takes about 15-20 mins to cook once you have steamed your fresh pumpkin to make it …

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vegan creamy pumpkin pasta recipe

November 11 2022

Vegan Creamy Pumpkin Pasta Recipe

This vegan creamy pumpkin pasta recipe takes only 10 mins to make! It’s creamy, pumpkin-y, savory, and delicious! Trust me, you’ll want to make this weekly it’s so good and also perfect for cozy weather! It’s the perfect quick & tasty vegan dinner! My pumpkin pasta recipe is vegan, oil-free, nut-free, and can be made gluten-free …

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Vegan Mushrooms on Toast Recipe

November 9 2022

Vegan Mushrooms on Toast Recipe

This vegan mushroom toast recipe shows you how to cook creamy vegan mushrooms for your toast in 5 mins! It’s so simple! If you love cream of mushroom or creamy mushrooms, you’ll love this vegan toast recipe! To make the best vegan creamy mushrooms on toast, I use vegan cream cheese! If you don’t have …

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Teriyaki Tofu Stir Fry

October 22 2022

Teriyaki Tofu Stir Fry Recipe

I’ll show you how to make this teriyaki tofu stir fry recipe in 15 mins! This stir-fried tofu with teriyaki sauce is a delicious high protein dish you can whip up fast using ingredients you already have! Recipe for Teriyaki Tofu Stir Fry Say goodbye to takeout and say hello to this delicious teriyaki tofu …

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Vegan Ricotta Cheese

October 11 2022

Vegan Ricotta Cheese Recipe

This oil-free vegan ricotta cheese recipe only takes 2 mins to make from scratch using 6 simple ingredients! How easy is that! You won’t find an easier vegan ricotta recipe! All you need to make this vegan oil-free ricotta sauce is tofu, lemon juice, garlic powder, dry basil, salt, and nutritional yeast to make it …

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plant-based cream cheese recipe

October 5 2022

Plant-Based Cream Cheese

This plant-based cream cheese recipe only takes 2 mins to blend together 4 simple ingredients! It’s a quick & tasty vegan cream cheese! The recipe for this plant-based cream cheese is creamy, smooth, savoury, and cheesy! Everything you want in cream cheese but without dairy! Recipe for Plant-Based Cream Cheese Just like most of my …

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Ketchup Spaghetti Recipe

September 13 2022

Ketchup Spaghetti Recipe

This ketchup spaghetti recipe, also known as Spaghetti Naporitan, is a popular pasta dish in Japan which uses ketchup as a main ingredient for the spaghetti sauce. This recipe is a vegan version of this unique dish. This is a quick & tasty dinner idea that takes only 12 mins to make! Recipe for Ketchup …

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Vegan Butter Noodles Recipe

September 12 2022

Vegan Butter Noodles Recipe

Have you ever craved buttered noodles? Well, this vegan butter noodles recipe is just for you! My recipe for vegan butter noodles makes 2 servings in 8 mins using noodles, vegan butter, garlic powder and even minced garlic if you want vegan garlic butter noodles (which is what I usually make)! Recipe for Vegan Butter …

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Vegan Korean Vegetable Pancakes (Yachaejeon | 비건 야채전)

May 11 2022

Vegan Korean Vegetable Pancakes (Yachaejeon | 비건 야채전)

This vegan Yachaejeon (비건 야채전), also known as Korean vegetable pancakes, is a delicious Korean dish that traditionally can be vegan, but is sometimes made with eggs. This Korean vegetable pancakes vegan recipe mimics traditional Yachaejeon and takes about 5-8 mins to cook! All you need is a mixture of vegetables (your choice!), flour and …

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