5 Minute Microwave “Stirfry” Recipe

Sometimes you want a tofu and veggie stir-fry but you don’t want to deal with dirtying a pan… or maybe you’re a college/university student who only has access to a microwave to cook! Well, here’s a solution… Microwave tofu and veggie “stir-fry”!! It’s definitely not as delicious as regular stir-fry that’s made with some TLC, but […]

March 25 2017

Bento Box Meal Prep (Lentil & Tofu Patties / Korean Spinach Side Dish)

I recently ordered these bento box meal prep containers from Amazon so I just had to do another meal prep video for you guys! This time, I decided to make lentil & tofu patties that remind me of these little meat patties my mom used to make me when I was a kid. They were […]

Vegan Sushi (Spicy “Tuna” Roll + Nigiri)

Fish was the last thing I gave up before going vegan and the main reason was because of SUSHI. Sushi is one of my absolute favourite foods and having worked in two sushi restaurants for many of my teen years, I was pretty much hooked on this stuff. It also doesn’t help that the vegan […]

My Roommate Tries Vegan Food!!

If you’re familiar with my channel at all, you know that I’m an affiliate of Vegan Cuts and I do a Vegan Cuts unboxing & taste test video once a month! I love doing these because it gives people an idea of some of the awesome vegan options available out there. Plus, it’s always fun […]

Sweet Potato Gnocchi (2 INGREDIENT RECIPE!)

I’ve been getting more and more into simplifying recipes and decreasing that ingredients list! This might be my new thing! …actually, I’ve always been a fan of short ingredients lists. Every time I look at a recipe and if the ingredients list looks too long, I look for something simpler.. Does anyone else do the […]

Vegan Grocery Haul Under $40 (Canadian)

I used to do vegan grocery haul videos quite frequently when I was living in the UK. People seemed to LOVE them so I’m going to try and do them more often now that I’m back in Canada. I find that generally groceries are a little more expensive here in Canada, for some reason! The […]

Vegan Salad Recipes That Don’t Suck!

It’s very rare that I will have salad as a main meal. In fact, it’s rare that I have salad at all! Don’t get me wrong, I love vegetables and I do like to eat salad – but I almost always see salad as a side dish rather than a main meal. Don’t tell me […]

Vegan Hacks // 5 Ingredient Recipes!!

I absolutely love food/life hacks (especially food). I love the idea of simplifying and taking shortcuts!! So I had to bring you guys another vegan food hacks video, this time showing you recipes using only 5 ingredients! Of course, you can always tweak the recipes by adding less or more ingredients depending on your own […]

Healthy Vegan Meal Prep || Easy, Lazy, Affordable

I always say that prepping your meals is one of the best ways to eat healthy and stay on track of your goals. Plus it’s the best way to save time and money! This meal prep takes very little effort (just chopping veggies mainly) and will help you achieve your fitness goals. Video:     […]


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