Seaweed Miso Soup with Soba (Buckwheat) Noodles

I literally went to four different stores so I could find some miso paste to make this recipe… so I hope y’all like it! This is part of my light recipes for spring/summer video because I think miso soup is quite a light dish that doesn’t contain that many calories but it’s also very satisfying […]

Vegan Barbecue Recipes (Pasta Salad & Gochujang Burger)

It is now barbecue season and being vegan doesn’t mean that you have to stay home and sulk while everyone else enjoys their time together. Yes, it might be bothersome to be around the BBQ while people are cooking up dead animal carcasses, but unfortunately we live in a very unvegan world. I think the […]

Vegan Breakfast + Brunch Ideas (Weekend)

Even though we are lazy, we sometimes like to get a little (not a lot) fancy. Sometimes, we might have a little more time in our hands and after we sleep in on the weekend, maybe we want to make something a little more special. After all, the standard banana, spinach and berry smoothie might […]

5 Minute 5 Ingredient Vegan Recipes

We all know that feeling when we get home from work/school and all you want to do is have a giant meal and sit in front of the TV. Now unfortunately, most of us don’t have a live-in chef to make us gourmet vegan meals every evening. And most of us are probably too cheap […]

May 6 2017

Vegan Sushi Sandwiches / Onigirazu Recipes (3 ways)

I can’t believe I only recently heard of sushi sandwiches or onigirazu. This is a thing in Japan apparently, and this is my new obsession. I love sushi and I’m always looking for any excuse to have sushi. I also am obsessed with making sushi in different forms! I’m definitely a noob when it comes to […]
Spicy Korean Lentils Recipe

April 26 2017

Spicy Korean Lentils (Easy 15 Minute Vegan Recipe)

This spicy Korean lentils recipe creates delicious hot Korean flavours with lentils. Want to make sweet Korean lentils? try this recipe! This takes some of my favourite Korean flavours and infuses them into lentils, creating the most flavourful spicy lentils that goes perfectly with rice. Recipe for Spicy Korean Lentils I’m a big fan of […]

Cold Black Bean Noodle Soup (Korean-Inspired)

Cold noodles are quite popular in Korea – possibly a concept that is unusual in most Western countries. I personally love cold noodles especially on a hot summer day – refreshing, light and satisfying. This cold black bean noodle soup is usually traditionally made with soy beans instead of black beans. I’ve had both and […]

Sweet Korean Pancake Quesadilla Thing (Inspired by Hotteok)

  Can you tell I had a hard time coming up with a proper name for this? I can’t call it easy hotteok recipe, because it’s not really hotteok; simply inspired by hotteok. If you have no idea what hotteok is (and I don’t blame you if you don’t know what it is haha), it […]

5 Minute Healthy Green Recipes // Get Fit With Me #2

For the second video to my “Get Fit With Me” series, I decided to make 3 different easy recipes that are GREEN. Because green = healthy, right? Maybe not necessarily all the time but in this case, these are healthy recipes. These are a great way to eat some healthy greens without really feeling like […]


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