Vegan Dollar Store Haul + Recipes

Okay, I’ll admit. I never really shop at the Dollar Store unless I’m making a Halloween costume or I need cheap decorations for a party. Although I find it rather entertaining to rummage through some of the random things they have at dollar stores. I generally find Canadian dollar stores less than appealing and I […]

Cook With Me: Vegan Carbonara (?) and Tonkatsu

It’s really tough for me to come up with recipes because half the time I just throw things into a bowl/pot/pan and hope for the best. I normally don’t even measure my ingredients because I find it easier to just eye-ball things (unless I’m baking something). So that’s why I am drawn toward doing more […]

DIY Vegan Fast Food (Big Mac, Tofu Nuggets & Macaroni Salad)

I decided to recreate some fast food favourites and show you guys how to easily make vegan versions of some of your favourite fast food meals. It’s surprisingly easy to make healthier versions of fast food and without harming animals.. who knew?! I made some delicious tofu nuggets (two different ways), a macaroni salad which […]

DIY Vegan Korean BBQ!

Watch my “how to” video and mukbang (eating show!)  When I first gave up meat, people around me freaked out asking me how I’m able to give up meat when I’m Korean and… well, KOREAN BBQ THO?! Even now when people find out that I’m Korean AND vegan, they tend to always ask how I’m […]

Easy Vegan Snacks (On the go!)

About a month ago, I did a video on some easy vegan snack ideas. I promised to do a second part so here it is! If you missed the first video, check it out here. Easy Vegan Snacks (Part 1): For the second part, I made 3 different recipes. All of them are SUPER easy, […]

$20 Vegan Meal Prep (7 full days!)

Last time I did the $20 meal prep challenge, I made five days worth of food for $20 Canadian. So many people were amazed at how much food you could actually make with only $20. I’ve been requested so many times to do another $20 meal prep challenge, so HERE I AM! This time, there […]

Healthy Gut Recipes (What I Eat in a Day #vegan)

Having issues with digestion? You might want to think about what foods you’re actually eating… I know it sounds crazy *ahem*, but the foods we eat can really impact our digestive system either negatively or positively. If you’re having digestive problems, it might be a good idea to add some probiotics into your diet. Probiotics […]

3 Easy Vegan Tofu Recipes (Quick Dinners)

Ah, tofu… One of my absolute favourite sources of protein. I’ve been eating tofu since I could chew, so I will never understand that hate that tofu receives. It’s always been delicious for me and it’s one of the most versatile foods out there. It can taste wildly different depending on how you cook it […]

Vegan Tang Su Yuk 탕수육 (Sweet & Sour Pork) RECIPE?!

If you are familiar with Korean food at all, then you might know that Koreans have our own version of “Chinese” food, kind of like there is westernized Chinese food. Korean “Chinese” food is SUPER popular in Korea and I would guess is very different from actual traditional Chinese food.  It tends to be super […]
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