Vegan Butter Noodles Recipe

September 12 2022

Vegan Butter Noodles Recipe

Have you ever craved buttered noodles? Well, this vegan butter noodles recipe is just for you! My recipe for vegan butter noodles makes 2 servings in 8 mins using noodles, vegan butter, garlic powder and even minced garlic if you want vegan garlic butter noodles (which is what I usually make)! Recipe for Vegan Butter …

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100g Vegan Protein in a Day

September 5 2022

How To Get 100g Vegan Protein in a Day

If you’re looking to get 100g of vegan protein in a day through high-protein vegan meals, I’ve got you covered! If you need more than 100g of vegan protein, you can definitely add vegan protein powder or “mock meats” to your daily meals for more protein, but this post specifically covers 100g of vegan protein …

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Gochujang Pasta Recipe

August 26 2022

Gochujang Pasta Recipe

This gochujang pasta recipe is a Korean-Italian fusion dish combining pasta and gochujang (Korean red pepper paste)! Gochujang is the main ingredient of Gochujang Pasta (고추장 파스타) and can be made in 10 mins using your preferred pasta! It’s a quick & tasty vegan dinner idea that’s flavourful, spicy and delicious! You’ll love it! Recipe …

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Vegan Gigi Hadid Pasta

August 19 2022

Vegan Gigi Hadid Pasta Recipe

This vegan Gigi Hadid pasta recipe is inspired by the viral TikTok of Gigi Hadid’s spicy vodka pasta recipe! This recipe is vegan and you can make it without vodka if you prefer! Gigi Hadid’s pasta sauce is creamy, slightly spicy and altogether takes only 12 mins to make! It’s a quick & tasty vegan …

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vegan fajita bowls

August 17 2022

Vegan Fajita Bowls

These vegan fajita bowls are a super quick 15 mins recipe and make 4 fajita bowls which is perfect for lunch, dinner and even meal prep! You can also cut measurements in half if you only want to make 2 or even 1 large fajita bowl! Vegan fajita bowls are tasty, filling, and high in …

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vegan oil free pesto sauce

August 16 2022

Vegan Oil-Free Pesto Recipe

This vegan oil-free pesto recipe only takes 2 mins to make using 8 simple ingredients! All you need to make this oil-free pesto sauce vegan is basil, baby spinach, zucchini, pine nuts, and a few simple seasoning to make it the perfect flavourful pesto which goes perfectly with pasta! Recipe for Vegan Oil-Free Pesto This …

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Vegan Rice Flour Pancakes Recipe

August 16 2022

Vegan Rice Flour Pancakes Recipe

You’re going to love this vegan rice flour pancakes recipe; it’s super tasty, fast, and can be made using 3-ingredients! All you need is rice flour for the pancakes, plant-based milk and bananas! You can also add-in blueberries or chocolate chips too! This vegan recipe only takes 6 mins and is perfect for a quick …

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Vegan Congee Recipe

August 10 2022

Vegan Congee Recipe

This vegan congee recipe is inspired by traditional congee which is a type of rice porridge eaten often in Asian countries. It’s very popular in countries like China and Korea and you can eat it in a variety of different ways. This vegan congee with tofu is delicious and I’ll show you how to make …

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Vegan Fish Fillet Recipe

August 10 2022

Vegan Fish Fillet Recipe

This recipe for vegan fish fillet is a super quick 7 mins tofu recipe! Perfect to add to your lunch, dinner or even for high protein meal prep! This recipe is for 4 servings, which is perfect for meal prep or to add to a family meal. This vegan fish fillet is high in protein …

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