A Week of Easy, Delicious Vegan Breakfasts

Today, I made another What I Ate in a Week – this time, it’s a BREAKFAST edition! Check out the video below to see these mouthwatering dishes in action and scroll down if you want to read about each of these dishes!

It’s been a while since I showed you a “week of breakfasts”, so here it is! If you don’t know this yet, I basically filmed the different vegan breakfast meals that I ate for a whole week. Don’t worry, this one doesn’t include oatmeal or smoothies LOL!

Now, I’m not throwing shade at anybody who loves oatmeal or smoothies for breakfast; I just feel like it’d be nice to have a little variety every once in a while, right? I find that vegan breakfasts that I see on social media consist of a lot of oatmeal and a lot of smoothies. Plus, I also want to note that you don’t have to always eat oatmeals and smoothies for breakfast when you go vegan because there are a lot of different breakfast options out there (which is part of the reason why I’m making this blogpost, too!).

These are just random things for breakfast — nothing curated and very much represents the “cheap lazy vegan” me. If you happen to like the video above, I have a whole playlist of breakfast videosyoutu + recipes I made in the past.

Don’t forget to check out the video above, and check down below for a quick description of the featured vegan breakfasts!

DAY 1 – Vegan Oat-Based Yogurt Parfait

For my first featured breakfast, I just mixed together plain yogurt and chocolate protein powder, which not only adds extra protein but also helps sweeten the yogurt. I feel like it gives the yogurt an almost chocolate pudding-y feel (but maybe it’s just me! LOL), and it definitely turned out tasty. 

I then topped the yogurt with chopped bananas, raspberries, and chocolate granola (for my Oil-Free Chocolate Granola recipe, simply click HERE).

DAY 2 – Inari Sushi

Yes, I’m having rice for breakfast today! I made myself some Inari Sushi by stuffing some of these deep-fried tofu pockets (fried bean curd) with seasoned sushi rice! I ate this alongside some tteokbokki with rice noodles that I had leftover from the day before, a little bit of kimchi, and then topped everything with green onions. Yum!

If you want to try making your own Inari Sushi, head over to this blogpost to see 5 ways to make Vegan Inari Sushi!

Day 3 – Bean Chili with English Muffin + Hummus

For Day 3, I had a pretty straightforward and realistic breakfast as I just heated up some leftover Bean Chili in the microwave, and had it with a slice of english muffin with hummus spread on top. Super yum!

I highly recommend making your own vegan chili because you can easily make a huge batch to store in the fridge and eat within the week. High in protein, delicious, and actually cheap to make!

Day 4 – Vegan Chick’un Noodle Soup

Super tasty, super filling, and super easy to make! I used potatoes, pasta, carrots, and Soy Curls which make a great high-protein replacement for chicken meat. This is really delicious, satisfying, and I highly recommend making this if you want to have something warm for breakfast. This is another one of those great recipes you could make once and eat throughout the week.

Check out this BLOGPOST for the Vegan Chick’Un Noodle Soup recipe!

Day 5 – Buffalo Tofu, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, & Cauliflower

If your mornings are frequently lazy (like mine), then this breakfast would be your perfect match! I had another bowl of the Vegan Chick’Un Noodle Soup I had previously, and paired it with a serving of Buffalo Tofu, Roasted Cauliflower, and Roasted Sweet Potatoes (recipe linked below)! It’s also very easy to make — you just have to season your ingredients and pop them inside a preheated oven and wait until they’re cooked!

Check out this BLOGPOST for the full recipe!

Day 6 – Scrambled Tofu Breakfast Tacos

It’s the classic Scrambled Tofu Breakfast Tacos for Day 6! Of course, you can enjoy your scrambled tofu with whatever you’d like – this time I’m having it in tacos.

It’s also pretty quick to make — after making your scrambled tofu, add in a handful of baby spinach and toss until cooked. I used my Scrambled Tofu Seasoning for the scrambled tofu which you must try! On two small soft tortillas, mash in some avocado and top it with the scrambled tofu. Drizzle on some salsa, eat it alongside blueberries or other fruit, and you pretty much have one of the healthiest (and probably one of the most Instagrammable) breakfasts! Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating but just look at how delicious this looks! 

Click on this BLOGPOST for the CLV Scrambled Tofu Seasoning! 

Day 7 – Air-Fryer Sweet Potato Fries

Here’s another breakfast that’s pretty easy to make if you have an air fryer (you can also use your oven, if not). All you have to do is cut up some sweet potatoes into shapes of french fries, season with a small amount of oil and other desired spices, then pop into the air fryer until they’re crispy!

To make things more interesting, I also had a side of baked beans, avocado toast, and some blueberries for dessert.

Check out my Air Fryer Recipes playlist for more recipes you can make using an air fryer!

📌There goes another week of vegan breakfasts! Craving for more? Check out the playlist below to see what other Cheap Lazy Vegan breakfasts you can make!

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