7 Vegan Breakfast Ideas to Brighten Your Mornings

In today’s new video, I shared what I ate for breakfast for 7 days straight! Check out the video below and scroll down to read about each meal.

Breakfast, as they say, is the most important meal of the day. This is why for 7 days straight, I decided to film everything I had for breakfast as a vegan so I could share them with you guys. Just a little disclaimer, this “What I Ate in a Week” video doesn’t have any written recipes (sorry!), but you can easily follow these simple meals by watching! 🙂

Most of these are savoury meals because I am definitely more of a savoury person than a sweet tooth! I tend to choose savoury breakfasts because that’s generally what I crave the most – maybe one week I’ll challenge myself to do sweet breakfasts…?

For this blogpost, I decided to list down all the meals I had for breakfast, along with some very brief descriptions just to give you a clearer picture of these meals. 

Here we go!

Day 1: Smoked Tofu Hummus Toast with Spinach and Blueberries

For Day 1, I decided to go with a simple, balanced meal of toast, smoked tofu, and spinach~ If you’ve seen the video, what I did was saute the spinach and spread some hummus on one slice and vegan caesar salad dressing on the other (super random, I know! But I had some vegan caesar dressing leftover from another day). On top of these dressings, I added slices of smoked tofu on each toast. Finally, I had a side of blueberries as well (YUM!).

Day 2: Scrambled Tofu with Veggie Ground

For Day 2, I made some Scrambled Tofu (this is a staple in vegan breakfasts, guys!). This time, I decided to use Yves Veggie Ground to add more flavour and protein. I chopped up some veggies such as red bell peppers and mushrooms and sauteed everything together. I also used my Scrambled Tofu Seasoning for this and threw in some spinach for extra goodness! Serve this with toast (and a slice of lemon to squeeze onto my scrambled tofu for an extra boost to the flavour) and you’re good to go! 🙂

Day 3: Vegan Brekkie Bowl

If you’ve seen my previous video where I ate like beauty and fashion influencer Jenn Im, you should see that I made a veganized version of her Brekkie Bowl. This is simply a bowl of rice (I used brown rice with sesame oil and soy sauce) topped with tofu and broccoli. For the tofu, I sprinkled it with black salt (kala namak) to give it that sort of “eggy” flavour. For the final step, I topped everything with sriracha (this is optional but highly recommended if you’re okay with spice!)

Day 4: Soba Noodle Miso Soup

I totally screwed up Day 4 because I forgot to film my cooking process even though I wanted to (LOL!), but here I made a Soba Noodle Miso Soup. The base is of course, miso soup which I quickly made with some miso paste and a little bit of kelp powder for the broth. I added in some baby bok choy, edamame beans and smoked tofu. Lastly, I added in my cooked soba noodles and it was the perfect breakfast noodle dish for me that day! Is it strange that I crave noodle soup for breakfast quite often?

Day 5: Chickpea Salad Toast

Did I mention I had a little bit of toast obsession this week? LOL! Here’s another toast-themed meal where I made Chickpea Salad and used it as a topping for my toast! The Chickpea Salad is pretty easy to make–just mash some chickpeas with a toast and add a little bit of vegan mayo, some relish, and some dijon mustard! You can add a little salt if you want to, but it’s not really necessary. I then added some hummus onto the toast before adding in the Chickpea Salad on top. On the side, I had some blueberries, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, cucumber slices, and extra hummus for dipping. Deeeelicious!

Day 6: Mushroom & Coconut Jam Toast

Here’s another breakfast toast meal! For this meal, I just slathered some hummus onto one slice of toast before adding in some simple sauteed mushrooms. On the other piece of toast, I added in some coconut milk jam that was gifted to me and it was so delicious! I also added some blueberries onto that toast which was so good~ (watch the video to see the yumminess!)

Day 7: Smoked Tofu Sandwich

So it’s toast again, guys, but this time, it’s a sandwich! Yay! 

So on one piece of toast, I spread some delicious homemade vegan pesto (also used this in a pasta dish featured in my mukbang video here) and spread some vegan mayo on another piece. I added in some tomato slices and sliced smoked tofu pieces. I then topped it with spinach before sealing the sandwich and it’s ready to eat! For my sides, I had blueberries (am I becoming predictable already? LOL), an orange, and more tomato slices~

Watch the video above if you are more of a visual person. I hope you found this interesting or helpful! If you’d like more vegan breakfast ideas, don’t forget to check out my Vegan Breakfast Recipes playlist by clicking HERE!

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