15 Things to Do At Home When In Quarantine

Don’t let boredom take over while in self-isolation. Our latest podcast episode shares 15 things to do when quarantined!

As you may already know by now, my friend Daniel and I are hosts of  The SaVeg Podcast where we offer our “SaVeg” (pronounced “savage” like my vegan cafe – SaVeg Cafe) take on a variety of topics from the latest news, travel, food, you name it! And for this episode, the topic we decided on is 15 things to do when in quarantine!

We’ve been talking about the COVID-19 situation in the podcast (listen to Episodes 12 and 13), and since most people are probably already staying in their homes to help prevent the spread of the virus, we feel that it’s also important to talk about keeping your mind busy and your spirit lifted up while cooped up at home.

A photo of Rose Lee and Daniel being goofy

I myself wasn’t feeling that productive this past couple of days because of what’s currently happening. Since I had to close the cafe temporarily, my schedule became freer and I’m staying home most of the time. Thanks to my online content creating business, I’m still able to work from home as I normally do, but many of my hours usually dedicated to the cafe (or to social activities) have now been freed. I realized that I should treat this as an opportunity to do things at home and be productive because staying glued to the news at all times might make me lose my mind.

A screenshot of the video of Daniel and Rose sharing their quarantine tips
Daniel and I recording this episode

I know that all the news about this virus is making a lot of people anxious, frightened, and worried, which is why Daniel and I came up with a list of things to do when quarantined at home. We thought this could provide a positive outlook for those of you that might be feeling lost. These may not be able to completely distract you from what’s happening, but I hope these could help you keep sane while we wait for this to pass.

That said, here are 15 things to do at home when in quarantine!

Tip #1 – Keep in touch with your loved ones – Skype or Facetime calls are really great!

A video call with Daniel on Rose's laptop screen for quarantine tip #1
Skype-ing with Daniel!

Even if social distancing and self-quarantine are strictly mandated by many governments right now, keeping in touch with your loved ones is still possible. I’ve heard somewhere that we should see this as a “physical” distancing, rather than a “social” distancing. You can still reach out by calling, texting, Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp, *insert your favourite messaging platform here*. Take advantage of technology and try to be grateful that you still have the means to keep in contact in these difficult times.

Tip #2 – Keep a to-do list

Rose showing the app Todoist on her phone
I use an app called Todoist! (VIDEO: Busy Work Day in My Life as a YouTuber)

What helps me stay sane is still having a to-do list, going about my day, and getting little things done. Even if you have just one thing on your to-do list, it can be helpful in keeping yourself busy and productive even when you’re cooped up at home. This also gives you a sense of purpose and a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Tip #3 – Do some chores that you’ve been putting off

Rose cleaning out her kitchen
Cleaning out my kitchen (VIDEO: How to Have a Cozy “Hygge” Evening)

You’re gonna stay at home for a while, so now is your chance to finally do those chores that you’ve been too busy to do before. Do some house cleaning, organize your closet, clean up the garage… trust me, these chores can be very satisfying. You could focus on maybe doing one big chore a day or a few small ones in a day. Not only will you be able to tidy your home, but you also get the chance to sanitize every nook and cranny of your home.

Tip #4 – Have fun in the kitchen!

A photo of Rose while eating noodles, having fun in the kitchen during quarantine

Now that you’re gonna spend most of your time at home, it’s also the perfect time to have fun in the kitchen! Take your time to slow cook some recipes, or you can use your creativity and whip up some recipes out of the ingredients stored in your freezer and pantry. If you’ve been following me on YouTube, I posted a video where I shared some vegan recipes that I made using ingredients that I already had. You can also head over here if you want the written recipes.

Tip #5 – Take your creativity to the next level

Rose in front of a painting

A lot of us may not have much time in our day to day lives to indulge in creativity — maybe this is the time to start taking those steps. Start an art project that you’ve been meaning to start, or start using those art supplies that you’ve stashed away in your drawer because you thought you had no time to use them.

Tip #6 – If you can, start a side hustle

A screenshot of Rose talking on her microphone
Recording Episode 2 of The SaVeg Podcast

Maybe you’ve always wanted to start a side business, a blog, a YouTube channel, or a podcast—this might be a great time to start! Many people might be aspiring entrepreneurs, YouTubers or bloggers but have never had much time to work on these aspirations. This could be an opportunity to dedicate a few hours a day to working on your side hustle. This way, you won’t spend your time only consuming content but CREATING content to share with others.

Tip #7 – Do an at-home spa session!

Rose with face mask applied
Rose holding a glass of wine while lounging in a bath tub

Now that I get to spend more time at home, I also get more chances to pamper myself! You can do the same especially if you have skincare products at home. Choose between a full-on treatment and grooming session, or it can be as simple as putting on a face mask at night before going to bed. You could also put on a nice, relaxing bubble bath with candles and calming music (glass of wine recommended!).

Tip #8 – Read that book you’ve been putting off reading

Bought some books in the past but haven’t gotten around to reading them yet? Pick a title, choose a cozy spot, and turn on some chill cafe music so you’ll feel like you are in a nice chill cafe while reading that book. Heck, you can even complete the experience by brewing yourself some coffee~

Tip #9 – Consume content to your liking but be mindful of how it’s making you feel

Netflix marathons, YouTube binge sessions, podcasts, Instagram, Amazon Prime — these are just a few among many platforms where you can listen, read, and watch stuff to your heart’s content. We live in a world of privilege where we have access to so much content and entertainment immediately – imagine being quarantined without any of these! How boring! I know it’s difficult, but try to feel grateful that we are in this position in a time where so much media is readily available at our fingertips.

Feel free to spend all day bingeing Netflix, scrolling through social media and listening to podcasts but try and be mindful of how the content you consume is making you feel – are you feeling anxious or calm? Do you feel good about what you’re watching or does it leave you feeling uneasy? These are questions you could ask yourselves.

Tip #10 – Learn something new

Rose holding a guitar for quarantine tip #10

We’ve all been so caught up with our everyday lives that we often forget how fun it is to learn new things! For this, you can take advantage of YouTube — tons of tutorials can be found here if you do a search. You can even learn something through Skillshare which I talk about often on my YouTube channel. You can also improve on a hobby, take an hour a day to play the piano, learn a new language, the list is endless!

Tip #11 – Exercise

An image of a person holding a phone with a fitness app displayed for quarantine tip #11
Try out fitness apps for at-home workouts! (VIDEO: Get Fit with Me!)

There are tons of at-home workouts you could be doing – you can find a lot of free ones from YouTube and also there are plenty of at-home workout guides available for purchase. Even when you’re just taking walks around your home or stretching regularly, it can already make a huge difference. If you’re still able to go outside, take a walk to the park, obviously making sure that you still stay physically away from people and also making sure you properly wash your hands and practice good hygiene along the way.

Tip #12 – Sleep in!

This is something I don’t usually allow myself to do every day, so it’s been nice to get the day started a bit late and not be so crazed about getting up early. Having a slow start to the day has been feeling like a major privilege right now. Plus, getting enough sleep has lots of benefits to your health (and your immune system!), like what Health.gov enumerates in this article.

Tip #13 – Practice meditation

Rose with her eyes closed in meditation  to help manage anxiety during quarantine
Tried doing the 30-Day Meditation Challenge (VIDEO: I Tried Meditating 20 Minutes a Day for 30 Days)

If you’re feeling a bit anxious about what’s currently happening, meditation can be a really great way to alleviate all those stressful thoughts. It’s also a great way to practice mindfulness and keep your mind focused on your day-to-day goals. There are many proven benefits to meditation and now can’t be a more perfect time to start.

I did a 30-day meditation challenge and it has helped me a lot in terms of keeping my mind focused and helping me cope with stress better. This is something that I’ve fallen off again but I did a power meditation for 10 minutes before this chat and have started implementing this back into my life.

Tip #14 – Take it slow

Cozy setting in front of a TV fireplace
Cozying up to my TV fireplace! (VIDEO: How to Have a Cozy “Hygge Evening)

This isn’t an ideal situation everyone is hoping for, but try to take this as an opportunity to slow down. Instead of frantically trying to complete multiple tasks, try approaching each task one by one and taking your time completing it. It’s not always easy to slow down especially if you’ve been used to a fast-paced lifestyle, but it helps us to appreciate life more and ultimately improves our emotional and mental health.

Tip #15 – Stay alert, not anxious!

A screenshot of the video of the YouTuber Doctor Mike
‘Alert, not anxious,’ says Doctor Mike

This is a quote by a YouTuber who is also a doctor — his name is Doctor Mike. He seems to be a great source of information about the coronavirus if you want to follow him. He says to stay informed, make sure you’re getting information from trusted sources but also not anxious. Recognize that self-isolation right now is a GOOD THING! This is what’s helping flatten the curve, as we discussed in the podcast.


I hope these quarantine tips were helpful for you during your time spent socially isolating. I know that this is a very difficult situation and I can’t even begin to imagine what some people are going through. I also know (from experience) that staying home all day long without much social contact can be super devastating for your mental health. This is why we felt that this list was important to share.

To listen to our FULL conversation, head on over to The SaVeg Podcast and pick your favourite platform to listen.

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